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Montreal’s Festival of Lights

February 19, 2016

Honourable Senators,

February 18 marks the official opening of one of the largest winter festivals in the world: Montreal’s Festival of Lights, Montréal en lumière. An annual celebration located in the Metropolis of Québec, the Festival attracts close to a million fans every year. This year’s unique program celebrates the fun of wintertime in Montreal and is a showcase for the performing arts, design, and gastronomy.

The Festival’s eclectic “Arts program” will highlight the city’s rich and diverse cultures. Experience the circus, music, comedy, dance, and theatre with both international icons and local emerging artists. The Arts Program of Montréal en lumière” shines during these two weeks. In fact, the performing arts have become part of the daily fabric of Montreal life all through the year. Montreal is also a city of gastronomy. And this Festival pairs the finest Montreal chefs with the greatest culinary masters from around the world. An absolute must for all foodies, the Festival is renowned for perfecting the harmony between food and wine.

The site of our “Quartier des spectacles” is transformed to its winter beauty where activities are wrapped with outstanding lighting designs. Montreal’s spirit for grand entertainment is on display.

Honourable senators, Montreal’s Festival of Lights runs from February 18 to March 5. Do not miss the chance to take part in these festivities in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, Montreal.

Once again, the “City of Culture” offers us originality, flavor and diversity. Honourable Senators, I invite you all to take part in this world-renowned winter festival, located in the heart of Quebec: Montreal!

Montreal’s Festival of Lights (Hansard)