Statements & Speeches

My statement on the Quebec Flood

May 8, 2017

Honorable Senators,

We are in the midst of historic events in my home province of Quebec. Rivers are overflowing their banks. This magnitude of floods comes but once a century.

Quebecers are losing their homes and businesses. Families are being displaced and forced to seek shelter in neighbouring communities. Roads, bridges, highways, schools, and buses have all been affected.

To date, more than twenty four hundred homes have been flooded and over fifteen hundred people have left their homes in one hundred and forty six municipalities across Quebec.

My hometown of Montreal is in a State of Emergency and I have witnessed firsthand the impact of the flooding on the daily lives of Montrealers. The images of sandbags stacked around the perimeters of empty homes and submerged community streets is one that is truly distressing.

More than sixteen hundred soldiers along with Red Cross volunteers have been dispatched to help those affected by the flooding.

Over this week-end, I have heard and witnessed the courage and generosity of Montrealers and Quebecers alike. People from all walks of life are coming together to help those in need. Families have opened their homes to victims, provided them with shelter, food, clothing and warm beds to sleep in.

Others decided to brave the waters and have volunteered to fill sand bags, in attempts to protect from rising water levels.

The fortitude of Montrealers and Quebecers is, simply put, remarkable. I want to take a moment to lend my voice in support of all those affected and recognize the hard work and dedication of first responders and brave volunteers.

My thoughts and prayers go out to them all.