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Science Meets Parliament (Statement)

April 18, 2024

Honourable senators, on behalf of Senator Galvez, Senator Kutcher and me, I rise today to invite you to participate in the fourth edition of Science Meets Parliament, sponsored by the Canadian Science Policy Centre in partnership with our Chief Science Advisor of Canada.

The Science Meets Parliament model is an adaptation of a successful Australian program that started in 1999. Similar programs exist in the EU, the U.K. and Spain.

This initiative is not meant to be an advocacy exercise but, rather, a unique opportunity for scientists to learn about policy‑making on the Hill, and for parliamentarians to connect with Canadian researchers to become familiar with their research. This program aims to build stronger connections between the scientific and political communities, enable two-way dialogue and promote mutual understanding.

This year’s diverse group of researchers from across Canada, with expertise in science, engineering and social science disciplines, will be on Parliament Hill in hopes of meeting with senators.

You can participate by offering a 30-minute one-on-one meeting with one or more delegates, by accepting to be shadowed by a scientist throughout the day, by joining a table of scientists during breakfast or lunch, by inviting a delegate to a committee meeting you may have on that day and by attending the networking reception that evening.

Colleagues, Senator Galvez, Senator Kutcher and I are pleased to be this year’s co-champions. Should your schedule permit, we would encourage you to be part of this year’s Science Meets Parliament event on Tuesday, May 7.